Romeo Kattookaran

Romeo Kattookaran is an international award winning writer, producer and independent filmmaker whose work has been appreciated and recognized at film festivals worldwide. Romeo’s passion for film-making began back in motherland – India. The Indian cinema exposed him to the art of storytelling and inspired him to delve into the art of film production. The fusion of western films and his cinematic roots makes his movies extraordinarily unique.

With a dream to be one of the greatest film-makers, Romeo Kattookaran migrated to the United States of America and strived towards his goals. After ten years of his life and education in the United States, his dreams got wings when he launched the Kentwood Films International and the American Film Society.

Allen George

Allen George is an International award winning filmmaker and Cinematographer based in Chicago, Illinois. He has been handling International Film Festivals for over a decade and currently works as a photojournalist with renowned television news channels. He launched the Allen George Media and the American Film Society.