Why should you become a part of our journey?

CIIFF aims to bring the art of cinema at a single platform and unfold a rich cultural experience for the local community in Illinois, Chicago. Our film festival embraces films that are rooted in the region or focus on the matter that is relevant to the local audience. Such steps stimulate, cheer and embolden the local film-makers while ensuring the welfare of the local film-makers.

We are proud of the economic and cultural benefits we bring to our home town. As we host film-makers and artists from all across the globe, our film festival would pave way to economic benefits for the city of Chicago by generating income for the tourism sector and promoting the tourism of Illinois, Chicago. Not only do we help provide economic stimulation in our city but also an opportunity for local Chicago audience to see the films and interact with film-makers from around the world. Our film festival is a diverse and enriching source of information which influences the attitudes, values and standards of the members of the local community in Chicago.

CIIFF will also serve the film industry by supplying a forum for filmmakers to show their films to film buyers and distributors to view them. The film-makers of various regions will be brought together which would create a global network of relationships for the city dwellers. Moreover, the film festival will assist filmmakers to communicate and get associated with other film fabricators, media agents, professionals, qualified directors and supporters.

Chicago International Indie Film Festival would promote the art and culture of independent film makers by providing them a platform to showcase their work in front of esteemed veterans in the film industry from across the globe who will be present in the city of Chicago.

At Chicago International Indie Film Festival, we support and stand in solidarity with local film-makers and become a part in their journey of success.